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What You Can Do:


Prevent weed infestations:

Obey noxious weed laws and quarantines.

  • Choose noninvasive species for your gardens and landscapes.
  • Check vehicles, clothing, boats, boat trailers, and camping equipment for weeds and seeds.
  • Never dump an aquarium into a pond or stream.
  • Cover compost, topsoil, and mulch piles with a tarp.
  • Use certified seed and forage.


Control weed infestations:

Remove or control weeds safely and appropriately.

  • Replant with appropriate species to prevent weeds from returning.
  • Prevent seed production and keep the spread of weeds at a minimum.
  • Properly dispose of noxious weeds and weed seeds.
  • Follow best management practices for pastures and open spaces.

Noxious weeds should be controlled wherever they occur and should not be introduced to new sites. To find out more about identifying, removing, and controlling noxious weeds, call or email us.